Schedule of courses for 2021/2022

The range of professional development courses and workshops that we offer is second to none – around 40 different courses; typically more than 75 workshops each year; and a ‘Development Weekend’  conference with over 70 lectures, workshops and classes led by world-leading presenters.

For the best part of 25 years these have only been developed face to face but, as we all know, the world changed in early 2020! As a result, we have moved much of our programme online making it accessible to teachers around the world. Those that remain on a face to face basis are those that can’t be taught safely or effectively online, including our studio equipment programme.

Almost all of our courses are open to qualified Pilates teachers, no matter where they trained (just a few, such as Back4Good Low Back Pain, are only available to Body Control Pilates Association members).

We will regularly update our planned course and workshop schedule here – the schedule for late 2021/early 2022 will appear here shortly.

While we are working on this, please drop an email to Sarah Bargeron ( and she will be happy to help. You can also call our team on 020 7636 8900.

Descriptions of most courses can be found in our Education Directory.