Our Studio Equipment Programme

We offer a full programme of ‘face to face’ studio equipment courses, enabling you to safely and effectively teach exercises from Beginner through to Advanced level. Our courses are broken down by type of equipment: Reformer; Cadillac/Tower; Wunda Chair; Ladder Barrel; Arcs and Barrels.

You must already hold a Pilates matwork qualification to join our courses, which build in a modular way and recognise that some teachers may not plan to teach across the full range of equipment. It is therefore totally up to you whether you choose to stop at the Reformer in terms of your qualification, or whether you want to work through to our Comprehensive Studio or Master Studio qualifications. Gaining your Master certification, also means that you will automatically be recognised  as a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher on the Register of Pilates Teachers published by The Society for the Pilates Method.

The gateway course for our programme is the Reformer 1 Beginner/Intermediate course, covering over 70 exercises This comprises six tuition days with an optional teaching assessment leading to certification. After attending the tuition days we regularly offer Reformer workshops to help you with your teaching skills and your embodiment of the exercises.

After attending Reformer 1, you can then enrol for any of the following Beginner/Intermediate level courses:

  • Cadillac 1 (two tuition days)
  • Chair 1 (two tuition days)
  • Ladder Barrel (1 day)
  • You can attend the one-day Arcs and Barrels course without having attended Reformer 1.


Our Intermediate/Advanced programme then comprises:

  • Cadillac 2 (two tuition days)
  • Cadillac 3 Advanced (one tuition day)
  • Chair 2 Advanced (two tuition days)

For more details on each course, please have a look at our Education Directory or email Ella Porter, our Education Manager.


Do you already hold a Reformer qualification?

The Body Control Pilates Reformer repertoire lays a basis for the other types of equipment. If you are Reformer-certified by another reputable training provider, we offer a very popular two-day Reformer Bridging Course  to help familiarise you with our approach and exercises (you receive our full Reformer 1 exercise manual). Please drop us an email or give us a call on 020 7636 8900 if you would like more information.