SPM Register Accreditation Courses

The creation of the Society for the Pilates Method represents a sea change for our profession. More stringent standards across matwork and studio equipment and a focus on the importance of teachers continuing to develop their skills and knowledge will feed through into an increased quality of teaching and better results for our clients.

Do you want to be part of that change?

We will be happy to help you feature on the SPM Register of Pilates Teachers, the first step of which is that your matwork teacher training certification course and subsequent CPD either meets the requirements of the SPM standard or can be enhanced so that you are recognised against that standard.

It doesn’t matter whether you originally trained with Body Control Pilates but discontinued your Association membership or whether you trained with another organisation – we have courses that can give you accreditation on the Register. This could involve a short online update course or our Matwork Conversion Course.

The SPM Register is only open to teachers who are directly affiliated to, or are current members of, an SPM member organisation and whose training has been recognised as meeting the requirements of the new standards. If you would like to join the Register you must apply through, and be accredited by, an SPM Member and PD:Approval.

More information? Please get in touch with Sarah Bargeron by email or give us a call on 020 7636 8900.