The Body Control Pilates Difference

Ensuring Excellence in Pilates Teaching

With more than 70 courses available to someone wanting to train to teach Pilates in the UK and with several thousand teachers offering classes, how do you know that a Pilates teacher has the right mix of knowledge, teaching skills and continued education to ensure that you can exercise safely and effectively?

Body Control Pilates is widely seen as an international benchmark for quality in Pilates teaching and, with some 1,500 teachers working in 50 countries, there is a very good chance that there is a Body Control Pilates teacher near you!

That’s exactly why, in 2015, we created the Register of Body Control Pilates Teachers – you can find your nearest teacher; check their qualifications (many hold additional qualifications); and link to more information about them. The Register will also help you to find teachers with specialist training, such as pre- and postnatal, low back pain, or the Pilates Reformer. And, when you’ve found a Body Control Pilates teacher and start classes with them, you know you are going to be in the safest of hands!

All Body Control Pilates teachers have qualified from the most comprehensive matwork teacher training course available (accredited against the UK Level 3 Pilates and the new Society for the Pilates Method standards) and are members of Europe’s largest Pilates membership body, the Body Control Pilates Association. This ensures that they work to a Code of Practice governing class sizes (maximum 12 for matwork) and continued education to ensure that their knowledge is current and meets ‘best practice’

What gives our teachers that ‘Body Control Pilates Difference’? Please click here!

“I am proud to be the founder of Body Control Pilates. We want you to get the best from your Pilates and we welcome your feedback. If you are really enjoying your classes and want to let us know – or if classes have failed to meet your expectations” – please feel free to email me at

Lynne Robinson
founder of Body Control Pilates