Level 4 Pilates

Body Control Pilates led the way in the development of a higher level Pilates qualification, sitting at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework. We worked with Active IQ (an Ofqual-registered Awarding organisation) as our quality assurance partner to ensure that there was a formal recognition of the qualification.

A ‘Level 4 Pilates Teacher’ has demonstrated that they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to tailor Pilates exercise to the specific needs of an individual and to ‘special populations groups’ such as those with osteoporosis, pre- and postnatal clients, and the adaptation of exercises for children and older clients (also addressing a variety of medical conditions). This can provide a vital competitive edge when promoting their teaching business.

The Level 4 Pilates qualification is open to any teacher holding a recognised Level 3 Pilates certification.

Body Control Pilates started work on its ‘Level 4 Pilates’ qualification in early 2012. This was after the  Sector Skills Council for the health and leisure industry recognised that it is possible for teachers to formally demonstrate a higher level of knowledge and competence in the application of Pilates for a full range of clients. Level 4 Pilates was born!

The basis of the new qualification was that it should incorporate a significant degree of new knowledge and  skills when compared to the existing Level 3 Pilates standard.

The Qualification

After gaining sufficient credits and passing all of the necessary assessments, you will receive a  ‘Level 4 Pilates Certificate in Instructing Applied Pilates Matwork’. Alongside your Body Control Pilates certificate, you will receive an Active IQ Certificate as the Awarding Body for this course.

A Level 4 certificate represents the highest level of achievement within the health and fitness industry.  It demonstrates that you have the advanced knowledge and skills to teach Pilates across a very broad spectrum of clients, including special population groups. The two courses which form the core of this qualification (‘Movement’ and ‘Adaptations’) will give you the skills to undertake an accurate assessment of a client’s physical and technical performance; to develop client-specific exercise and session plans drawing on the full Body Control Pilates matwork repertoire and to adapt these based on a dynamic assessment of client performance.

What does it involve?

In order to achieve your Level 4 Pilates certification, you must gain a minimum of 18 credits through course attendance  and successfully passing the required assessments. This qualification only covers Pilates matwork and allows you to ‘pick and mix’ from mandatory and elective courses across four different ‘special populations’ categories, so that you can focus on your main areas of interest.

The following courses count towards your Level 4 Pilates certification:

Mandatory (counting for 11 of the 18 required credits):

Movement (2 days online); Adaptations (2 days online); Intermediate Matwork (2 days face to face – ask about online options)

Elective (at least 7 credits must be gained from the following online courses):

Pre- & Postnatal Pilates (2 days – 5 credits); Pilates for the Older Person (2 days – 6 credits); Pilates for Bone Health (1 day – 3 credits); Pilates for Children (3 days – 12 credits).

You must pass the relevant assessments for these courses and, in doing so, you will also gain that qualification – for example, Level 3 Pre- & Postnatal Pilates.

Recognition of Prior Learning

The great news with Level 4 Pilates is that you possibly don’t need to start from scratch! If you have previously attended a relevant course that can give you credits towards your overall target of 18, this can be counted as long as we have a record of your attendance and as long as you have passed the assessment for that course, i.e. Level 3 Pilates for Bone Health.  Your certification must have been awarded by a recognised Awarding Organisation.

More Information?

For more details on Level 4 Pilates, on our fees options (including our ‘Level 4 Pilates Pass’ offering a discounted package), on course schedules, and on how to get started, please contact Lynn Edmonstone.