Courses and Descriptions

Development and Certification Courses for Pilates Teachers

We offer more than 30 different courses for qualified Pilates Teachers who wish to continue their professional development with Body Control Pilates. Our main entry requirement is that you hold a recognised  Pilates teaching qualification. All of our courses (and linked assessments where applicable) are recognised for Professional Development Points needed if you wish to join the new Register of Teachers published by The Society for the Pilates Method.

Additionally, we offer some courses that are only open to Body Control Pilates Association members or our Matwork Conversion Course students. These include our Back4Good Low Back Pain, Intermediate Matwork and Advanced Matwork  courses. Please contact us if you would like more details.

We can categorise our course offering into the following streams with tuition ranging from one to six days:

Matwork Plus: includes Intermediate Matwork, Advanced Matwork; Matwork Evolution; Standing Pilates; Small Ball & Toning Circle; Band; Foam Roller; Pilates Arc & Barrels; Gym Ball.

Studio Equipment: includes Reformer (two courses), Cadillac/Tower (three courses), Chair (two courses), Ladder Barrel.

Special Populations: includes Pre- & Postnatal, Bone Health, Older Person, Children, Low Back Pain, Menopause.

Understanding Medical Conditions: includes Musculoskeletal Problems, Mental Wellbeing, Neurological Conditions, Breast Cancer, Scoliosis, Hypermobility.

Sport and Performance: includes Pilates for Performance, Runners, Dancers, Equestrians, Golfers.

Level 4 Pilates: includes the Movement and Adaptations courses, as well as Intermediate Matwork. Please visit the Level 4 Pilates page on this website for more details.

The majority of these courses (excluding Studio Equipment) are running online until further notice.

Descriptions for most courses can be found in the Course Guide 2023. This is the complete guide to the full range of Body Control Pilates courses from the initial Matwork Certification Course through to our Comprehensive Studio Certification and our Level 4 courses, along with the products and services that we offer.

If you have any questions or if you want to discuss the qualifications that you hold, please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0)20 7636 8900 or email Sarah Bargeron.