Additional qualifications that we offer

Qualifying as a matwork teacher should never be an end in itself. Pilates has so much more to offer you and your clients – whether you choose to explore matwork more fully; to look at how Pilates can be adapted for special populations or for sports and performance; or to train in the studio equipment.

We strongly believe that all teachers should continue to develop their skills and knowledge, as well as continuing with self-practice and going to classes to work on their own ’embodiment’ of the method. It is a requirement of the Body Control Pilates Association, of which all Body Control Pilates teachers are members, that the equivalent of three days of ‘professional development’ is undertaken each year. Teachers featuring on the Society for the Pilates Method Register of Teachers will also need to undertake a similar amount. Recognised professional development covers Pilates courses, workshops, classes, and 1:1 sessions, as well as any other courses or workshops that are relevant to your Pilates teaching.

All professional development taken with Body Control Pilates is automatically recognised by the Society for the Pilates Method.

We give a you Certificate of Attendance for each course or workshop that we offer, but there are several topics where you may wish to go on and gain a  more formal qualification by completing, typically, a worksheet/Case Study assessment. These are mainly in the area of ‘special populations’ and studio equipment . It can be an  insurance requirement that you gain your certificate before teaching these groups, but we also regard certification as a fundamental part of your duty of care to your clients.

So, what are the additional qualifications/certifications offered by Body Control Pilates after successful completion of the necessary assessments?

Back4Good Practitioner (only open to BCPA members – awarded by BCP. Recognised by BackCare). Click here to view the Back4Good leaflet.

Reformer (beginner/intermediate – awarded by BCP)

Comprehensive Studio (beginner/intermediate – awarded by BCP)

Master Studio (awarded by BCP, recognised as meeting the SPM Studio Apparatus standard)

Matwork Master (only open to BCPA members – awarded by BCP)

Pre- & Postnatal Pilates (L3 Active IQ)

Pilates for Older Adults (L3 Active IQ)

Pilates for Bone Health (L3 Active IQ)

Pilates for Children (L2 Active IQ)

Specialist Low Back Teacher (L4 Active IQ)

Pilates for Hypermobility Specialist Teacher (only open to BCPA members – awarded by BCP)

Key: BCP Body Control Pilates; SPM Society for the Pilates Method. BCPA: Body Control Pilates Association

You must already hold a recognised Pilates matwork teaching qualification as a pre-requisite to gaining any of the above. All certifications against the new SPM standards are independently overseen and awarded by PD:Approval.

Would you like more details on courses related to the above qualifications?

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