Rachel Bish


  • Qualified with Body Control Pilates 2003
  • Body Control Pilates Comprehensive Studio Certificate
  • Member of the Body Control Pilates Education Tutor Team
  • Supervising teacher for Body Control Pilates students

Rachel teaches classes on Tuesday evenings at The Body Control Pilates Centre and is available to teach private sessions.

In 2002 Rachel was a frustrated People Change Manager working for Royal Mail and struggling with chronic lower back pain. A lunch-time Pilates class inspired her to accept voluntary redundancy and embark on a career change that meant that by the end of 2003 she was a qualified Body Control Pilates teacher and massage therapist.

Pilates was such an inspiration because it seemed to put everything back in the right place, building strength whilst increasing flexibility so that gradually the abuses of a sedentary job and poor posture were compensated for.

With over 10 years teaching experience Rachel is a valued member of the Body Control Pilates Education Tutor Team. She continues to develop as both a teacher and practitioner of Pilates and loves the breadth and depth of the method and how it will support and challenge everyone from injured to athlete. Rachel offers a structured and encouraging environment in which to learn Pilates, her knowledge of both manual and movement therapies ensures that her teaching is safe but effective.

On a personal note Rachel was impressed how Pilates supported her through two pregnancies with no recurrence of her back pain. She is now the time poor but proud mum of two young children who loves how Pilates can offer a complete distraction from a hectic home life.

You can contact The Body Control Pilates Centre to book a Private Session on 020 7636 8900 or contact the Teacher directly.