Cheryl Liss


  • Body Control Pilates Studio Master Teacher Certification
  • Body Control Pilates Matwork Master Teacher Certification
  • Member of the Body Control Pilates Education Tutor Team

Cheryl is available to teach private sessions at the Body Control Pilates Centre on Monday and Thursday (daytime only).

Cheryl has worked with Body Control Pilates since its formation. She was one of the original course tutors and examiners when the Body Control Pilates education programme was launched in 1996.

Cheryl was a ballerina with the English National Ballet Company and her long and distinguished dance career included Flamenco, Classical Spanish Dance and Musical Theatre. She is a Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, Bowen Technique Therapist and Rejuvanessence Practitioner.

You can contact The Body Control Pilates Centre to book a Private Session on 020 7636 8900 or contact the Teacher directly.


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