The Register of Body Control Pilates Teachers

Ensuring excellence in Pilates teaching

With more than 70 courses available to someone wanting to train to teach Pilates in the UK and with several thousand teachers offering classes, how do you know that a Pilates teacher has the right mix of knowledge, teaching skills and continued education to ensure that you can exercise safely and effectively?

Body Control Pilates is widely seen as an international benchmark for quality in Pilates teaching and, with almost 1,400 teachers working in 40 countries, there is a very good chance that there is a Body Control Pilates teacher near you!

That’s exactly why we have created the Register of Body Control Pilates – you can find your nearest teacher; check their qualifications; link to more information about them. The Register will also help you to find teachers with specialist training, such as pre- and postnatal or the Pilates Reformer (see more details below). And, when you’ve found a Body Control Pilates teacher and start classes with them, you know you are going to be in the safest of hands!

All Body Control Pilates teachers have qualified from the most comprehensive matwork teacher training course available (accredited against the UK Level 3 Pilates national standard) and are members of Europe’s largest Pilates organisation, the Body Control Pilates Association. This ensures that they work to a strict Code of Practice governing class sizes (maximum 12 for matwork) and continued education to ensure that their knowledge is current and meets ‘best practice’.

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All teachers on the Register are formally qualified to teach matwork. Where a teacher holds any of the following qualifications, it means that they have passed assessments that demonstrate their knowledge and competence on that topic. These are clearly designated on the Register. You can also search for teachers with any of these qualifications.

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Matwork and Special Populations

Level 4 Pilates [+]
Body Control Pilates is unique in having an Ofqual-ratified ‘Level 4 Pilates’ qualification. This demonstrates that a teacher has advanced knowledge and the skills to assess and develop specific programmes for a broad range of clients, including those from the special populations category (pregnancy, bone health etc) (Level 4 Pilates Award, ActiveIQ)
Back4Good® Lower Back Pain [+]
Back4Good Practitioners on the Register hold a Specialist Instructor certification (Level 4) in low Back Pain. They have undertaken extensive training in this important field and offer programmes for the prevention and management of low back pain. They can also receive referrals from GPs, surgeons and other medical practitioners where it is felt that tailored exercise can help a patient. (Level 4 Low Back Pain, SkillsActive)
Matwork Master Teacher [+]
A Matwork Master Teacher has attained the highest level of achievement across all levels of matwork Pilates performance and teaching, including the ‘classical’ exercises created by Joseph Pilates.
Pregnancy [+]
These teachers have passed assessments covering the teaching of Pilates to pre- and postnatal clients. Many run special ‘pregnancy classes’ and they are perfectly equipped to prepare you for birth and to help you get back in shape afterwards, taking into account any medical considerations that arise. (Level 3 Award in Designing Pre- and Postnatal Pilates Programmes, ActiveIQ)
Older Adult [+]
As people live longer, they also exercise much more in later life. Teachers with this qualification have dedicated training in creating exercise adaptations that can challenge and develop older clients across a broad range of functions, enabling them to cope better with daily life and retain their health and independence. (Level 3 Award in Physical Activity and Health Considerations for the Older Adult, ActiveIQ).
Bone Health [+]
Teachers with this qualification are specialists in the use of exercise to help clients with osteopenia and osteoporosis. It is very important that strict and current guidelines are followed to ensure that clients work safely within these conditions. (Level 3 Award in Designing Pilates Programmes for Bone Health, ActiveIQ)
Children [+]
Children and young adults need to exercise more and adapted Pilates sessions are a fun and enjoyable group experience. Teachers with this qualification have undertaken extensive training in the special considerations of teaching children and in exercise creation.

All teachers hold a current DBS clearance. (Level 2 Award in Planning and Instructing Pilates for Children and Adolescents, Active IQ) 
Exercise Referral [+]
Exercise Referral teachers are qualified to work with clients suffering from a wide range of medical conditions. They can work closely with medical practitioners as part of an Exercise Referral Scheme. (Exercise Referral for Pilates Teachers Level 3, Active IQ)

Pilates Studio Equipment

Studio Master Teacher [+]
In gaining this qualification teachers have passed a teaching assessment to show that they are able to plan programmes and teach safely and effectively to advanced level across the full range of studio equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel).
Comprehensive Studio Teacher [+]
In gaining this qualification teachers have passed a teaching assessment to show that they are able to plan programmes and teach safely and effectively to intermediate level on the Reformer, Cadillac and Chair.
Reformer [+]
A Reformer-qualified teacher can teach to advanced level on the Reformer, having passed a two-hour teaching examination. Please note that, due to the grading of the assessment, a Reformer-qualified teacher may also teach on other equipment.
Cadillac [+]
Where a teacher has taken a dedicated Cadillac assessment, this is designated here.