Reformer Bridging Course

The Body Control Pilates Reformer Bridging Course

Your Gateway to the Body Control Pilates Studio Equipment Programme

If you have already trained in studio equipment with another training provider but would like to learn more about the Body Control Pilates approach, then this course is designed specifically for you!

Body Control Pilates offers ten different courses across the range of Pilates studio equipment, at levels from beginners to advanced.  Each is specific to a piece of equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel.

Our equipment training programme can therefore be varied to meet your needs, but the gateway to every course that we offer is our ‘Reformer 1 (Basics to Intermediate) course. This provides the foundation on which all other courses build and it is a mandatory starting point for all equipment training.

We recognise, however, that if you are already a Pilates teacher with a Reformer certification from another training provider, you may not want to take our full six-day ‘Reformer 1’ course in order to then join our other Body Control Pilates equipment courses.

This is why we have created our new two-day Reformer Bridging Course. While focusing on the ‘Reformer 1: Basics & Intermediate’ repertoire this course will help you develop the fundamental skills and knowledge we apply across the board in all our studio equipment training courses. When ready, we ask you to pass a two-hour teaching assessment so that you can then enrol for other courses as and when you wish.

Course Content

This two-day course focuses on the key content of our full Reformer course, with particular attention to the principles and knowledge that set our equipment training apart from other Pilates training organisations. These include:
Understanding spring resistance and load
Equipment set-up
Lesson planning
Client adaptation and progression
Communication and teaching skills

The course is a highly practical introduction to the Body Control Pilates approach to using studio equipment and it covers a wide range of exercises drawn from the 70 exercises that make up the Reformer 1 course. Whilst not all of the Reformer 1 exercises are covered in this Bridging Course, knowledge of the full range of exercises will be required for the examination. It is therefore expected that you will work through ALL the exercises as you prepare to take the exam – we offer separate Reformer Review workshops to help you in this process (additional charge applies). You will receive the full ‘Reformer 1’ course notes when attending this course.

Entry Requirements

This course is open to any Pilates teacher holding a Reformer Certification from a recognised training provider. Please note that a Certificate of Attendance is not acceptable for entry to this course. When submitting your Enrolment Form for this course, we ask you to provide a copy of your certification.


Please contact us for an Information Pack, which includes an Enrolment Form.


Reformer Bridging course fees are just £400 including VAT @ 20%. These must be paid in full at the time of booking to confirm your place.
There is an additional £190 cost for your Reformer examination, payable when you book this. This covers a two-hour teaching assessment, when you are asked to teach a one-hour session to a beginner and then one hour to an intermediate-level client.


Upon successful completion of your examination, you will receive a Body Control Pilates Reformer 1 certification. This enables you to then attend the full range of Body Control Pilates studio equipment courses at specially reduced prices. Please note that teachers who receive certification from this course do not appear on the Body Control Pilates teacher listings as these are only open to teachers with a Body Control Pilates matwork certification.


Please feel free to call us on 0207 636 8900 or email our Education Team

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