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Teacher Training

Train to become a Pilates teacher; courses for qualified Pilates teachers
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Matwork conversion course for qualified pilates teachers

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Pilates for Bone Health

When taught by properly-qualified teachers, Pilates is recommended as a safe and effective exercise method for those suffering from osteoporosis and osteopenia. Body Control Pilates currently has more than 130 teachers who hold a special qualification in this area, with another 100 teachers in training.

You can access a list of these teachers below. They all hold a 'Level 3' Pilates for Bone Health qualification awarded by Active IQ, our external Awarding Body, and ratified by Ofqual (full title of qualification: Level 3 Award in Understanding Pilates and its Impact on Bone Health). 

Please click here to view a list of qualified teachers. This will be updated on a regular basis.