teacher training

Teacher Training

Train to become a Pilates teacher; courses for qualified Pilates teachers
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Matwork conversion course for qualified pilates teachers

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Lynne's Books and DVDs

(excluding international translations and releases)


2021 Pilates Express (Kyle Books)

2019 Shape Up with Pilates (Kyle Books)

2014 Pilates for Life (Kyle Books) (with Carmela Trappa)

2012 Pilates for Pregnancy (Kyle Books)

2010 The Pilates Bible with Lisa Bradshaw and Nathan Gardner (Kyle Books)

2008 Pilates for Weight Loss (Kyle Books)

2005 Pilates: A New Body in 28 Days with Gordon Thomson

2004 The Body Control Pilates Pregnancy Book with Jacqueline Knox MCSP

2003 Pilates plus Diet with Fiona Hunter

2002 The Pilates Pocket Traveller with Helge Fisher, Paul Massey (in association with British Airways)

2002 The Body Control Pilates Back Book with Helge Fisher, Paul Massey MCSP

2002 The Perfect Body: The Pilates Way with Caroline Brien

2002 Intelligent Exercise with Pilates and Yoga with Howard Napper

2001 Pilates Gym™ with Gerry Convy

2000 The Official Body Control Pilates Manual with Helge Fisher, Gordon Thomson and Jacqueline Knox

1999 Pilates: The Way Forward with Gordon Thomson

1998 The Mind Body Workout with Helge Fisher

1997 Body Control Pilates: The Pilates Way with Gordon Thomson


DVDs (Firefly)

2013 Inch Loss Pilates

2012 Pilates The Core Workout

2011 Pilates The Bottom Line

2006 Total Pilates

2004 The Pilates Body

2004 Pilates and Pregnancy

2003 Everyday Pilates with Fern Britton

2002 Shape Up The Pilates Way

2001 Pilates Powerhouse

2000 Pilates Express ®

1999 Perfect Body: The Pilates Way

1998 The Pilates Weekly Workout

1997 Body Control Pilates: The Pilates Way