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Previously exclusive to Body Control Pilates teachers, this is now open to any teacher holding a recognised Level 3 Pilates qualification.
As a way of demonstrating their advanced knowledge and teaching skills regarding matwork, Pilates teachers can now work towards gaining the highest level of formal Pilates qualification available in the UK – a Level 4 Qualification in Instructing Pilates Matwork. Body Control Pilates helped to create this qualification and were the first training provider to deliver it.
The introduction of a government-accredited ‘Level 3’ qualification in 2005 represented a sea change in the UK Pilates industry. For the first time, there was a reference point for the minimum level of training needed to teach Pilates. Body Control Pilates became the first specialist training provider to gain Level 3 approval for its teacher training course and has been widely regarded as the benchmark for Pilates education ever since.
It was therefore a natural progression that, when new ‘Level 4’ qualifications were announced in 2010, Body Control Pilates led the way in gaining approval for its Low Back Pain course, as a result of which the Back4Good® Programme was launched. Level 4 qualifications were all linked to medical conditions, such as diabetes, low back pain, strokes.
A few years later, agreement was given to the principle that that teachers should be able to formally demonstrate a higher level of knowledge and competence in the non-medical sector by also gaining Level 4 status. A condition of this, however, was that that such qualification must incorporate a significant degree of new knowledge and skills when compared to the existing Level 3 standard for that discipline – both in terms of the approach to assessment and movement, as well as to the ability to adapt its application to meet the needs of special population groups.
The Level 4 Pilates qualification is now firmly established as a benchmark that helps to set Pilates teachers apart and give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.
The Qualification
After gaining sufficient credits and passing all of the necessary assessments, you will receive a ‘Level 4 Certificate in Instructing Applied Pilates Matwork’. Alongside your Body Control Pilates certificate, you will receive an Active IQ Certificate as the Awarding Body for this course.

A Level 4 certificate represents the highest level of achievement within the health and fitness industry. It demonstrates that you have the advanced knowledge and skills to teach Pilates across a very broad spectrum of clients, including special population groups. ‘Movement’ and ‘Adaptations’, the two courses which form the core of this qualification, will give you the skills to undertake an accurate assessment of a client’s physical and technical performance; to develop client-specific exercise and session plans drawing on the full Body Control Pilates matwork repertoire and to adapt these based on a dynamic assessment of client performance.
Who can apply?
Any teacher holding a Level 3 Pilates qualification.
How do I get started?
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Qualification Structure
In order to gain the Level 4 Pilates certification, you must gain a minimum of 18 credits through course attendance and by passing the assessments related to the three mandatory courses and the special populations courses. This qualification only covers Pilates matwork and allows you to select from a range of courses, so that you can focus on your main areas of interest.

Level 4 Pilates Mandatory Courses

Total Credits: 11

Number of credits








Intermediate Matwork





& Case Study covering all three courses

Group A: Special Populations

You must gain at least 7 credits from this group 



Pregnancy 1 & 2



Pilates for the Older Person



Pilates for Children – Foundation Day &   Programmes



Session Plans

Teaching Assessment

Pilates for Bone Health



More information?
Please give Lynn Edmonstone a call on 020 7636 8900 (+44 20 7636 8900) or email lynn.edmonstone@bodycontrol.co.uk

Registration Form
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