Body Control Pilates is proud to work with the Studio-yoggy group of studios in Japan (Lynne Robinson with Sawako Tayu of Studio-yoggy). Since 2008, development courses and workshops have been offered each year at a number of locations, including Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Osaka and Kyoto. 

We have been running Body Control Pilates Matwork Conversion courses and our regular teacher training courses in Tokyo and Nagoya since 2013. Theses are run in partnership with Studio-yoggy, 

We offer offer regular courses related to Pilates for Pregnancy and Pilates for Older Adults, as well as other continuing education workshops for Pilates teachers. In the last two years these have been offered in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.  

For further information on planned courses, please email school@studio-yoggy.com or visit http://yoggy-institute.com/pilates/course/pttco_bcpc/   Click here to view the site in English.

Lynne Robinson presented a series of courses and workshops in Fukuoka and Tokyo (including Pilates for Pregnancy and Pilates for the Older Person).  Lynne is pictured here with students from one of the ante- and postnatal courses held in Nagoya; with students from a Tokyo postnatal course; and with some of the students from the earlier May 2013 pregnancy course. 

During a recent trip Lynne was proud to be interviewed by Tarzan, one of Japan's leading fitness magazines - click here to view the article.