Course Content

The 13 tuition days on your course are broken down into the following modules (all online until further notice) :
·           Introductory Module, including joints and planes of movement
·           Pelvis and Spine
·           Breathing and Relaxation
·           Stability (Centring)
·           Shoulder Girdle
·           Hip and Knee
·           Ankles, Feet, Wrists, Hands
·           Anatomy Review Day
·           Classical Pilates
·           Precision of Movement
·           Client Enrolment and Assessment
·           Lesson Plans and Teaching Skills
·           Last Day Module, completing the course, teaching a class
Each online module will comprise up to four hours of live tutorial via Zoom. You will be given links to online theory videos to view and study before the modules.
There will then be four face to face Contact Days at our London Centre (typically 10am-4pm), themed as follows:
Day 1: Teaching Cycle and Lesson Planning; review of exercises from the Pelvis and Spine module
Day 2: Review of exercises from Breathing and Relaxation; and from Stability (Centring)
Day 3; Review if Upper and Lower Limb, including exercises 
Day 4: Group teaching work
These are followed by your supervised teaching period (developing your teaching skills); working towards your written examinations; completing self-study work on Pilates theory and on related topics.
Successful completion of each of these three elements culminates in receipt of your Body Control Pilates Matwork Certification and of your Active IQ Level 3 Pilates Certificate.