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Our online ordering facility is suspended until further notice, while we finalise a system upgrade to move to our brand-new website shortly.

In the meantime, please call us on (+44) 207 636 8900 to place an order, or email with your contact details and we'll get in touch. We're very sorry for any inconvenience!

Minimum Order Value
We're having to adapt the way we work during the current Covid-19 pandemic. In relation to this, we now have a minimum order value of £20 (including VAT, excluding post and packing) for all orders placed by telephone or email.
Whilst we are happy to accept orders below this value, a handling charge of £3.00 will be applied to each order.
Thank you for your understanding.

last updated: 25/09/20  


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The TRIADBALL™, designed to add the benefits of the Pilates equipment exercises to your Pilates workout, offers you and your clients the benefits of a costly Pilates studio workout anytime, anywhere at a fraction of the cost. The texture, size and material of the ball are truly unique. The ball can be customised to support individual comfort levels and abilities—something you and your clients will appreciate.
The inflation tube makes set-up a snap - in the studio, at home or on the road.
The dynamic nature of the TRIADBALL™ intensifies and deepens your regular Pilates mat exercises to help build more core strength and flexibility.
The TRIADBALL™  does not contain Latex.

Measures approx. 26cm in diameter.

For orders of 10 or more, call us on 020 7636 8900!
25 in stock price £15.00