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 The TRIADBALL™, designed to add the benefits of the Pilates equipment exercises to your Pilates workout ... read more

The Pilates Body

The Pilates Body

Features an introduction by Lynne Robinson and the following workout programmes:
* Workout One
Discover your natural girdle of strength as you work the "powerhouse", strengthening your abdominal and back muscles. Improves flexibility and mobility of the spine.
* Workout Two
Focuses on your core strength, includes amazing buttock-firming exercises, finishing with exercises to sculpt and tone the upper arms.
* Workout Three
Exercises to improve your balance, streamline your waist, flatten your stomach and strengthen your upper body.
* Back to Basics
The three basic principles of Alignment, Breathing and Stability (Centring) are clearly explained step by step to ensure that you work precisely and with control.
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