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Pilates for Weight Loss

Pilates for Weight Loss

Pilates for Weight Loss
by Lynne Robinson
published October 2008

In 2006 a research study stated 'fat loss comes from burning sufficient number of calories. While cardio exercise tends to be an efficient calorie burner, Pilates appears to possess the potential to burn enough calories if done regularly, over the long haul and properly.' ('Medicine and Science').

'Pilates for Weight Loss' is a ground-breaking regime that will put you back in control of your weight. The benefits of Pilates are well documented - it changes your shape, helping you to achieve a long, lean silhouette, while also controlling your weight - and this is the first book to create a programme to emphasise these benefits. This programme will help you to burn calories while also helping you to a flatter stomach and more defined waist. It will also bring holistic benefits, such as improving your posture (which will also make you look slimmer and taller), better breathing techniques, greater flexibility and core stability as well as dissolving stress and boosting your energy levels.
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