Jon Ashton

  • Qualified with Body Control Pilates in 2015
  • Body Control Pilates Sports Performance
  • Body Control Pilates for Golfers
  • Body Control Pilates for Runners
  • Body Control Pilates Reformer 1 Certification

Jon teaches live-stream classes for the Body Control Pilates Centre.

Jon has been a professional footballer, playing in every league of English football including the Premier League. Over his years of being involved in elite sport and now teaching Pilates, Jon is passionate about improving other's level of performance in their chosen sport, experiencing first hand the benefits Pilates can bring.

Jon first started practicing Pilates following a hip injury in 2008/09. After surgery and weekly 1:1 sessions with a Body Control Pilates teacher he returned to full fitness quicker, stronger and was more confident than before. Jon hasn't looked back since and now wants to help others in achieving the same, whatever their goals and walk of life.

Jon's specialist areas of interest are sport and performance related clients: injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement.