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Our Coronavirus Action Plan:

Keeping you moving; keeping you teaching;
keeping you learning


"There is no situation, there is no age and no condition where exercise is not a good thing …… In this period, in which people are in lockdown, exercise is one of the best things you can possibly do [and] I certainly want to stress the point that, wherever possible, people should be taking exercise. This is very important for long-term health."
- Chris Whitty (Chief Medical Adviser, UK Government)

Supporting our community has always been our highest priority – and never has there been a more critical time to do that. Whether you are a Body Control Pilates teacher, a teacher training student or someone who enjoys coming to classes with one of our 1,500 teachers around the world, you are important to us. That’s why we have been working flat out to find ways we can help you during this passing storm and in the period afterwards as socially-distanced ‘face to face’ teaching begins again.

Here’s where we are at the moment, but we will keep everyone updated as more plans are put in place:

Online Group Classes and 1:1 sessions

With very few exceptions anywhere in the world, all indoor Pilates group classes have now effectively stopped. We have given all of our teachers help to set classes up online and guidelines to ensure that those classes are safe and effective. Most are now running classes using Zoom and we estimate that well over 5,000 Body Control Pilates classes are being offered each week online.

If you already go to Body Control Pilates classes, your teacher will contact you if they are offering ‘live’ online classes or 1:1s. If you would like to start joining our online classes, please click here to go to our ‘Find a Teacher’ page where you can enter your postcode and find your nearest teachers. Please support your local teacher if at all possible as we’re sure you will want to start classes with them as soon as this period of disruption comes to an end! Thank you.

Some teachers are now offering 1:1 sessions in line with their local guidelines – in England this means outdoors. Very small group sessions may also be offered on this basis.

Body Control Pilates Central – your online Pilates at Home Partner

Our subscription channel has over 200 hours of Pilates content from more than 50 leading international presenters and is available on the web and on Apple and Android apps – our Apple TV app launches shortly! New to Central? Please use code KEEPMOVING to enjoy a 25% discount for your first three months. This starts after your 7-day free trial and works out at £9.75 a month. Click here to view our guide for content particularly recommended for Pilates enthusiasts.

Body Control Pilates Members and Students

We have already been in regular contact with you and will continue to be so over this lockdown period to help your teaching business and, for our students, to ensure that you can maintain momentum as you work towards your goal of becoming a qualified Body Control Pilates teacher. We rapidly created new online platforms for both video content, interactive online tutorials, and classes and workshops and will continue to work seven days a week to support you through this. As the lockdowns ease, we are helping our members to make step by step progress on restarting their teaching in a ‘COVID secure’ environment.

Become a Body Control Pilates Teacher – start online!

Never has health and fitness been such a high priority for everyone. We have been inundated with people wanting to switch career and do something where you can work flexibly and help others! We have a schedule of courses planned, but will be adapting how we start and progress courses as dictated by government advice. In June and July, you can start your course online with our exclusive theory and anatomy videos, supplemented by live online tutorials and classes. You will be sent course notes, there will be no reduction in contact hours and students will have the flexibility to ‘jump’ between courses to help smooth progress. Please contact if you would like a Course Information Pack.

The Body Control Pilates Centre, London

Sorry, we have had to close our studios and office until further notice, with our office team now working remotely. We plan to reopen in July for education but may not restart public classes until the autumn. Due to demand, however, we continue to add to our programme of online classes taught by an amazing team of highly experienced teachers. More info? Please email


Warmest wishes,


Lynne Robinson
Founder & Director

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