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Inch Loss Pilates with Lynne Robinson

Inch Loss Pilates with Lynne Robinson


Inch Loss Pilates

with Lynne Robinson

Over 2 hours of content! In this exciting DVD, the Queen of Pilates, Lynne Robinson, shares the secrets of how Pilates can help you streamline your body taking inches off your waistline!

For decades, celebrities have turned to Pilates to stay in shape. Now it’s your turn as Lynne guides you through workouts targeting common problem areas - abdominals, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, upper arms.

No part of the body is forgotten in this total mind and body conditioning programme. Discover the long, lean silhouette for which Pilates is famous!

The Pilates Inch Loss Programme

Two brand new workouts, each perfectly balanced and designed to stand alone or mix and match to create a longer session.


Workout One: (40 minutes) Top-to-toe toning with this fabulous workout crammed full with new exercises designed to firm the entire body.

Workout Two: (40 minutes) Another highly effective workout created to trim and shape common problem areas, especially the waistline.

Bonus Workout: (15 minutes) A mini workout, using weights (not supplied), that may be added to either of the above workouts.

The Fundamentals
In this widely acclaimed section, taken from her popular ‘Pilates The Core Workout’ DVD, Lynne takes you step by step through the Fundamentals of Pilates:

  • Part One: (20 minutes) The ABCs of Pilates: Alignment, Breathing and Centring.
  • Part Two (20 minutes) Following on from the above Lynne covers good posture, upper body use and spinal mobility with exercises to explore movements through all directions. Together with The ABCs, this offers the ultimate master class in Pilates Fundamentals.

    All timings are approximate

    "Lynne is the only woman on earth who has ever got my stomach looking anywhere near flat, so I think of her as something of a miracle worker." Kate Rew, UK Journalist

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