Lynne Robinson with Linsay Matson of Pilates OuestOur first matwork teacher training course in France began in July 2012. This was an English language course based in St-Germain en Laye on the western edge of Paris (20 minutes from La Defense on RER). 

This followed very successful Introductory Workshops led by Lynne Robinson - for information please click here for the poster. The workshop was organised by Linsay Matson (seen right with Lynne) from the Pilates Ouest studio (

Body Control Pilates Matwork Teacher Training Courses in France

Our training base is Pilates Ouest Studio, St-Germain en Laye, Paris

To gain certification students must attend all tuition days; pass a written examination on anatomy and on the wider principles of fitness; be assessed teaching a class (the culmination of their Supervised Teaching period); and complete some self-study work, including two open essay questions on Pilates theory.  The practical Supervised Teaching period requires typically 50 hours' attendance, commencing after the tuition period - the actual length of the period will vary by student based on feedback and progress. Students are also welcome to attend supervised teaching workshops in London if they wish. The written examination may be taken on any of the specified examination dates once the tuition days are completed.

Anatomy is taught during the course in relation to the exercise programme. Students are expected to have developed sufficient knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology prior to commencement - booklist supplied. 

Successful students will receive a certification to teach matwork classes in the Pilates Method and are licensed, subject to agreement, to use the Body Control Pilates Trade Mark. This qualification is accredited by the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPs).

Future course tuition dates will be announced here.

For more information on this teacher training course (including entry requirements), please contact Linsay Matson of the Pilates Ouest studio in Saint-Germain en Laye ( at or by calling 0663 645 327.

Lynne Robinson opening the ‘Introduction to Body Control Pilates’ workshop

Lynne Robinson opening the ‘Introduction to Body Control Pilates’ workshop in St-Germain en Laye.