Extended Course Tuition Dates

All tuition sessions are held at The Body Control Pilates Centre, 35 Little Russell Street, London WC1A 2HH, unless otherwise advised. Tuition days run from 9.30am to 4.30pm (approximately), apart from the first day of the course which starts at 10am.
Supervised Teaching is planned separately after completion of tuition and of your practical assessment.
Work for home study may be given during each tuition block. Attendance at group classes is also encouraged between blocks if possible.

Body Control Pilates reserves the right to amend course dates if necessary.

* The first tuition day starts at 10.00

Extended Course tuition dates are as follows:

Course 19.5

Saturday October 12th 2019 *
Sunday October 13th 2019
Saturday October 19th 2019
Sunday October 20th 2019
Saturday November 2nd 2019
Sunday November 3rd 2019
Monday November 4th 2019
Saturday November 16th 2019
Sunday November 17th 2019
Saturday November 30th 2019
Sunday December 1st 2019
Saturday December 14th 2019
Sunday December 15th 2019
please note that this course runs on consecutive weekends in October

Course 20.1

Saturday January 11th 2020 *
Sunday January 12th 2020
Saturday January 25th 2020
Sunday January 26th 2020
Saturday February 8th 2020
Sunday February 9th 2020
Monday February 10th 2020
Saturday February 22nd 2020
Sunday February 23rd 2020
Saturday March 7th 2020
Sunday March 8th 2020
Saturday March 21st 2020
Sunday March 22nd 2020

Course 20.2

Saturday March 7th 2020 *
Sunday March 8th 2020
Saturday March 21st 2020
Sunday March 22nd 2020
Monday March 23rd 2020
Saturday April 4th 2020
Sunday April 5th 2020
Saturday April 18th 2020
Sunday April 19th 2020
Saturday May 2nd 2020
Sunday May 3rd 2020
Saturday May 16th 2020
Sunday May 17th 2020
please note that course dates vary from those originally published due to the change in the early May Bank Holiday date

Course 20.3

Saturday May 2nd 2020 *
Sunday May 3rd 2020
Saturday May 16th 2020
Sunday May 17th 2020
Saturday May 30th 2020
Sunday May 31st 2020
Saturday June 13th 2020
Sunday June 14th 2020
Monday June 15th 2020
Saturday June 27th 2020
Sunday June 28th 2020
Saturday July 11th 2020
Sunday July 12th 2020