Body Control Pilates - Denmark

As you will see below, Body Control Pilates offers a comprehensive programme of teacher training courses in Denmark with our main education centre being based in Copenhagen. This has overall responsibility for the Nordic countries (including the Faroe Islands, where we ran our first teacher training course in mid-2017).

For more information on our Nordic education partner Pilatesdk, please visit

Planned Course Dates to the end of 2017

August 2017:

August 5th: Intermediate Matwork (2 days)
DKR 2.950 (members) or DKR 3.650 (non-members)
August 25th: Pilates with the Foam Roller (1 day)
DKR 1.995 (members) or DKR 2.495 (non-members)
Supervised teaching workshops for the Faroe Islands matwork teacher training course
September 2017:

September 1st: Reformer 1 (6 days)
Tuition Block 1 (1-3 Sep); Block 2 (8-10 Sep)
DKR 9.150 (members) or 11.400 (non-members)
September 22nd: Pilates with Ball (1 day) ( 22 sep)
DKR 1.995 (members) or DKR 2.495 (non-members)
October 2017:

October 28th: Cadillac 1 (2 days)
DKR 3.900 or DKR 4.900 (non members)
Dates for November 2017 to January 2018 will be released shortly.