Course Dates and Availability

Our next 'Teacher Training Discovery Day' takes place on February 15th 2020 from 11am-3pm. The perfect chance to come along and join a class, meet our team and ask those all-important questions! Booking is essential - please click here for more details. 

Our course comprises 13 tuition days, which can be attended in one of two formats:
'Extended', with the tuition taking place at weekends or 'Intensive', with two blocks of six consecutive days and seven days, with typically a three-week break inbetween. There is no difference content-wise between the two formats, with the key deciding factor for students being what works best with regard to their work, family, and other commmitments.

To gain certification, students must pass two multiple-choice examinations on anatomy; be assessed teaching a class (the culmination of their Supervised Teaching period); and complete some self-study work, including two open essay questions on Pilates fundamentals. Anatomy is taught during the course in the context of Pilates exercises. 

You should assume that it will take you 6-12 months to complete the course. Successful students will receive a certification to teach matwork classes in the Body Control Pilates Method and are licensed, subject to agreement, to use the Body Control Pilates Trade Mark. They will also receive accreditation against the UK national standard ('Level 3 Pilates').

Matwork Courses (Extended) *

'Extended course' start dates in London through to May 2020 are as follows (click on 'course dates' to view all the tuition dates for that particular course). Please note that the UK Bank Holiday in early May 2020 has moved from Monday May 4th to Friday May 8th.  

JANUARY 2020: 11th January ONE SPACE LEFT - course dates
Course Code: 20.1

MARCH 2020: 7th March GOOD AVAILABILITY - course dates
Course Code: 20.2

MAY 2020: 2nd May GOOD AVAILABILITY - course dates
Course Code: 20.3


Matwork Courses (Intensive) *

Courses below are held at The Body Control Pilates Centre London, apart from a course in Edinburgh in March 2020. Tuition dates through to the summer of 2020 are:
(please note that the UK Bank Holiday in early May 2020 has moved from Monday May 4th to Friday May 8th) 

Monday 13th January - Saturday 18th January
& Saturday 8th February - Friday 14th February

Course Code: 20A

Monday 2nd March - Saturday 7th March
& Saturday 28th March - Friday 3rd April

Course Code: 20B

Thursday 19th March - Sunday 22nd March
Friday 3rd April - Sunday 5th April
Friday 17th April - Sunday 19th April
& Friday 1st May - Sunday 3rd May

Course Code: 20S

JUNE 2020:
Monday 8th June - Saturday 13th June
& Saturday 4th July - Friday 10th July

Course Code: 20C

Monday 20th July - Saturday 25th July
& Saturday 15th August - Friday 21st August

Course Code: 20D

ANY QUESTIONS? Please call us on +44 (0)20 7636 8900 or email Ella Porter,  

* All courses are organised subject to a sufficient level of confirmed bookings being received. 
  In the very unlikely event that a course does not run, a minimum of 20 working days' notice will be given.