Course Dates and Availability

Matwork Courses (Extended) *

The Extended Course has 13 tuition days and is structured in two-day blocks over typically a three-month period. To gain certification, students must pass a written examination on anatomy and on the wider principles of fitness; be assessed teaching a class (the culmination of their Supervised Teaching period); and complete some self-study work, including two open essay questions on Pilates theory. The practical Supervised Teaching period requires typically 50 hours' attendance, commencing after the tuition period - the actual length of the period will vary by student based on feedback and progress. The written examination may be taken on any of the specified examination dates once you have completed your tuition days.

Anatomy is taught during the course in relation to the exercise programme. We provide some basic anatomical information in the pre-course pack for students - this also includes some recommended books in case the student wishes to study more detail before the course. 

Successful students will receive a certification to teach matwork classes in the Body Control Pilates Method and are licensed, subject to agreement, to use the Body Control Pilates Trade Mark. They will also receive a 'Level 3 Pilates' certification, issued by Active IQ.

'Extended course' start dates in London up to September 2018 are as follows (click on 'course dates' to view all the tuition dates for that particular course): 

18.2 10th March 2018 - THREE SPACES LEFT - course dates

18.3 12th May 2018 - GOOD AVAILABILITY - course dates

18.4 8th September 2018 - GOOD AVAILABILITY - course dates

Matwork Courses (Intensive) *

The course scope is exactly as outlined in the extended course section above, but it usually comprises 13 tuition days in two tuition blocks of six days and then seven days, with separate scheduling to be agreed for the supervised teaching element. Courses below are held at The Body Control Pilates Centre London, with the exception of the April 2018 course in Edinburgh. Tuition dates to Autumn 2018 are:

Monday 16th April - Saturday 21st April 2018
& Saturday 12th May - Friday 18th May 2018

Thursday 19th April - Sunday 22nd April 2018
Friday 11th May - Sunday 13th May 2018
Friday 1st June - Sunday 3rd June 2018
& Friday 15th June - Sunday 17th June 2018
note: four tuition blocks

Monday 11th June - Saturday 16th June 2018
& Saturday 7th July - Friday 13th July 2018

Monday 23rd July - Saturday 28th July 2018
& Saturday 18th August - Friday 24th August 2018

Monday 17th September - Saturday 22nd September 2018
& Saturday 13th October - Friday 19th October 2018

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* All courses are organised subject to a sufficient level of confirmed bookings being received. 
  In the very unlikely event that a course does not run, a minimum of 20 working days' notice will be given.