Online Classes

Body Control Pilates Class Timetable

Whilst our London Studio is temporarily closed due to Covid19 we are running a full timetable of live-stream Pilates classes run by our London teachers.

Classes include; Core Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Healthy Back, Pilates for Pregnancy, Mat To Reformer, Wunda Chair, Stretch Pilates, Restore and Relax and Ballet Barre/Pilates.

Here is our new July/August Schedule which runs for 4 weeks from 18th July 2020 – 14th August 2020.

You can book into the same class for 4 weeks at the following prices; £35 for all classes except Reformer Classes are £48

You can now book online and view the schedule (you will need to create an account on your first visit).

Or email us at (we are all working remotely so are only currently available on email).

Code Classes
  Saturdays 4 weeks  
  Inc; 18/7, 25/7, 1/8, 8/8
S1 9am-10am Wake up Class with Matt
S2 8.45am-9.45am Student Class with Kate                                  
S3 12pm-1pm Beginner Core with Kathy                                          
S4 New! 1pm-2pm Stretch Pilates with Danai                             
S5 6pm-7pm Intermediate Core with Kathy                                        
  Sundays 4 weeks
  Inc; 19/7, 26/7, 2/8, 9/8
S6 9am-10am Wake up with Kathy (all levels)
S7 6pm-7pm Intermediate Core with Kathy
  Mondays 4 weeks
  Inc; 20/7, 27/7, 3/8, 10/8
M1 8am-9am Wake up with Melanie (all levels)                      
M2 10am-11am Mat To Reformer with Penny                               
M3 New! 11.45am-12.45pm Student class with Melanie
M4 12pm-1pm Intermediate/Adv Core with Sarah 
M5 New! 1pm-2pm Intermediate Core with Melanie    
M6 2pm-3pm Ballet Barre/Pilates with Valentina **first 3 weeks only £30**
M7 6pm-7pm Intermediate Core with Jo                                               
M8 6pm-7pm Beginner Core with Penny                             
M9 7pm-8pm Intermediate/Advanced Core with Jo               
M10 7.15pm-8.15pm Reformer class with Penny             
  Tuesdays 4 weeks
  Inc; 21/7, 28/7, 4/8, 11/8
T1 8am-9am Wake up with Melanie (all levels)                        
T2 10.45am-11.45am Reformer with Jacqui
T3 12pm-1pm Intermediate Core with Sarah               
T4 1pm- 2pm Healthy Back with Melanie 
T5 2pm-3pm Pilates for Pregnancy with Sarah 
T6 4pm-5pm Intermediate/Advanced Core with Valentina
T7 5.30pm-6.30pm Beginner/Intermediate Core with Danai
T8 7pm-8pm Intermediate Core with Danai
  Wednesdays 4 weeks
  Inc; 22/7, 29/7, 5/8, 12/8
W1 8am-9am Wake up with Paul (all levels)                       
W2 11am-12pm Student Class with Paul Howse
W3 12pm-1pm Beginner/Intermediate Core with Paul 
W4 12pm-1pm Healthy Back with Victoria
W5 3pm-4pm Intermediate Core with Matt                         
W6 New! 6pm-7pm Healthy Back with Melanie
W7 6pm-7pm Intermediate/Advanced Core with Valentina
W8 6.30pm-7.30pm Wunda Chair with Penny                              
W9 6pm-7pm Student Class with Kathy         
  Thursdays 4 weeks 
  Inc; 23/7, 30/7, 6/8, 13/8
TH1 8am-9am Wake Up with Paul (all levels)                                
TH2 10.45-11.45am Reformer class with Jacqui                     
TH3 12pm-1pm Intermediate Core with Sylwia                              
TH4 4.30pm-5.30pm Student Class with Jo                                     
TH5 6pm-7pm Intermediate/Advanced Core with Jo               
TH6 New! 6.15pm-7.15pm Restore and Relax with Alex
TH7 7pm-8pm Intermediate Core with Jo                                                          
  Fridays 4 weeks
  Inc; 24/7, 31/7, 7/8, 14/8
F1 8am-9am Wake up with Melanie (all levels)                     
F2 New! 12pm-1pm Intermediate Core with Jacqui                   
F3 New! 1pm-2pm Beginner Core with Danai

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All classes are run via Zoom which can be downloaded for free

We can also take one off bookings by emailing

We ask all clients to fill in an enrolment form, please contact us to request one.