Online Classes

Body Control Pilates Class Timetable

During the Easter Holidays we are running some one-off Pilates classes

Book as many as you’d like for £10 per class, Reformer Classes are £14

You can book classes online via this link view the schedule (you will need to create an account on your first visit) or by contacting

Code Classes
  Monday 12th April
E1 8am-9am  Wake Up with Kevin (all levels)
E2 10am-11am  Foam Roller Class with Kevin
E3 11am-12pm  Intermediate Core with Danai
E4 12pm-1pm  Reformer Class with Jacqui (Intermediate)
E23 2pm-3pm  Intermediate/Advanced Core with Jacqui
  Tuesday 13th April
E5 7am-8am  Wake Up with Hernan (all levels)
E6 1pm-2pm  Healthy Back with Hernan
E7 5.30pm-6.30pm  Student Class with Chloe
E8 6pm-7pm  Pilates with Danai
  Wednesday 14th April
E9 8am-9am  Wake Up with Hernan (all levels)
E10 8.30am-9.30am  Reformer Class with Jacqui Intermediate
E11 11am-12pm  Foam Roller Class with Kevin
E12 3pm-4pm  Intermediate Core with Danai
E13 6pm-7pm  Beginner/Intermediate Core with Kevin
E14 6.30pm-7.30pm  Healthy Back with Chloe
  Thursday 15th April
E15 8am-9am  Wake Up with Kevin (all levels)
E16 12pm-1pm  Beginner Mat with Sylwia
E17 1pm-2pm  Intermediate Mat with Danai
E18 4pm-5pm  Intermediate/Advanced Mat with Jacqui
  Friday 16th April
E19 8am-9am  Wake Up with Hernan (all levels)
E20 9am-10am  Foam Roller Class with Kevin
E21 1pm-2pm  Intermediate Core with Kevin
E23 6pm-7pm  Stretch Pilates with Danai

April/May 2021 Block of Classes

Our new 6 week block of Pilates classes are now open for booking.

All classes are live streamed via Zoom and are taught by our London Centre teachers.

You can book classes online via MindBody – or you can book classes by contacting

If you would like to organise an exclusive class for your company or friends/family please contact

Here is our new April/May Schedule which runs for 6 weeks from 19th April – 30th May 2021.

A block of classes is £52, £72 for Reformer/Tower Classes and £42 for BCP Student Classes.

Code Classes
  Mondays 6 weeks
  Inc; 19/4, 26/4, 3/5, 10/5, 17/5, 24/5
M1 8am-9am  Wake up with Melanie (all levels)
M2 11am-12pm  Student class with Rachel
M3 12pm-1pm  Intermediate Core with Sarah
M4 2pm-3pm  Reformer with Sarah (Intermediate)
M5 2pm-3pm  Ballet Barre/Pilates with Valentina
M6 5.30pm-6.30pm  Intermediate Core with Hernan
M7 6pm-7pm  Beginner Core with Penny
M8 New! 6.30pm-7.30pm  Healthy Back with Hernan
M9 7pm-8pm  Intermediate/Advanced Core with Valentina
M10 7.15pm-8.15pm  Reformer class with Penny (Beg/Int)
  Tuesdays 6 weeks
  Inc; 20/4, 27/4, 4/5, 11/5, 18/5, 25/5
T1 8am-9am  Wake up with Melanie (all levels)
T2 9am-10am  Move with Matt (all levels)
T3 12pm-1pm  Student Class with Kate
T4 12pm-1pm  Healthy Back with Chiara
T5 1pm-2pm  Intermediate Mat with Brenda
T6 4pm-5pm  Intermediate/Advanced with Valentina
T7 5.30pm-6.30pm  Student class with Chloe
T8 6pm-7pm  Beginner/Intermediate Core with Danai
T9 7.15pm-8.15pm  Stretch Pilates with Danai
  Wednesdays 6 weeks
  Inc; 21/4, 28/4, 5/5, 12/5, 19/5, 26/5
W1 New! 8am–9am  Wake up with Kevin (all levels)
W2 New! 8.30am–9.30am  Reformer with Jacqui (Intermediate)
W3 10am-11am  Advanced Classical Mat with Chiara
W4 10.30am-11.30am  Student class with Kate Hodder
W5 12pm-1pm  Beginner/Intermediate Core with Jacqui
W6 1pm-2pm  Pregnancy Class with Sarah
W7 3pm-4pm  Intermediate Core with Kevin
W8 4pm-5pm  Reformer class with Jacqui (all levels)
W9 6.30pm-7.30pm  Healthy Back with Chloe
W10 6pm-7pm  Student Class with Kathy
W11 7.30pm-8.30pm  Pilates for Runners with Jon
  Thursdays 6 weeks
  Inc; 22/4, 29/4, 6/5, 13/5, 20/5, 27/5
TH1 8am-9am  Student Class with Melanie
TH2 8am-9am  Wake Up with Matt (all levels)
TH3 12pm–1pm  Beginner Core with Sylwia
TH4 12pm–1pm  Tower Class with Rachel
TH5 1pm–2pm  Pilates and Massage with Rachel (all levels)
TH6 4.30pm–5.30pm  Student Class with Jo
TH7 6pm-7pm  Healthy Bones with Chloe
TH8 6pm-7pm  Intermediate/Advanced Core with Jo
TH9 6.30pm-7.30pm  Pilates for Runners with Jon
TH10 7pm-8pm  Intermediate Core with Jo
  Fridays 6 weeks
  Inc; 23/4, 30/4, 7/5, 14/5, 21/5, 28/5
F1 8am-9am  Wake up with Melanie (all levels)
F2 10am-11am  Student Class with Kate
F3 1pm-2pm  Intermediate Core with Rachel
F4 3pm-4pm  Intermediate/Advanced Core with Chiara
F5 5.30pm-6.30pm  Beginner/Intermediate Core with Hernan
  Saturdays 6 weeks
  Inc; 24/4, 1/5, 8/5, 15/5, 22/5, 29/5
S1 9.30am–10.30am  Wake Up with Penny (all levels)
S2 9am–10am  Student Class with Rachel
S3 11am-12pm  Healthy Back with Chloe
  Sundays 6 weeks
  Inc; 25/4, 2/5, 9/5, 16/5, 23/5, 30/5
S4 9am-10am  Wake up with Kathy (all levels)
S5 6pm–7pm  Intermediate Core with Kathy

Here’s a quick description of our Zoom Pilates classes;
12 max, 10 max for specialist classes and 8 max for Reformer/Tower Classes.

Wake Up! (Mat Class) A morning Pilates class to help get you moving for the day! Suitable for all levels.

Core Pilates (Mat class) Core classes run at all levels including a mixed level class. You will develop your Pilates technique and skills by means of a balanced, effective, total body workout – with particular focus on your core.

Move with Matt (Mat Class) Burn some calories, develop core strength and most importantly smile. The first half of the class will involve aerobic exercise to music (different options will be given) whilst the final phase will use the principles of Pilates to ensure all joints are mobilized leaving you ready for the day ahead! This class is for all levels but please note this class may not be suitable for anyone with hip, knee or lower back problems.

Reformer Class These classes are for Pilates teachers who have a Reformer at home to use during the class. You must have attended a Reformer course and have no injuries. These classes offer you the chance to achieve an intensive workout which is as much about correct technique as strength and stamina. You will work with different levels of resistance.

Healthy Back Classes (Mat Class) Designed to help prevent and manage low back pain and taught by a specially qualified Back4Good teacher. Great for if you’ve been hunched over a laptop 24/7. Suitable for all levels.

Healthy Bones Class (Mat Class) This class is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their bone health but it’s also ideal if you have been diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. We will work to strengthen the main joints and the spine by doing lots of balance work as well as looking at alignment, posture, breathing, stretching and ensuring good mobility. Suitable for all levels.

Pre and Postnatal Pilates Class (Mat Class) This Pre and Postnatal Pilates Matwork class will include the most up to date knowledge and exercises. You must be at least 16 weeks pregnant or have had your 6 week check following a normal delivery and 12 weeks following a C-Section.

Ballet Barre and Pilates (Mat Class) is a dynamic and challenging way of moving the body. Focusing on correct alignment and clear classical Ballet technique, the class also have a Pilates influence in the way we warm up and cool down. Everyone is welcome from total beginners to dancers!

Stretch Pilates (Mat Class) This class is focusing on improving your flexibility and range of movement. Working on areas we either overuse or neglect, we will go through a mix of exercises aiming to release stress in our muscles, finding expansion in the body while connecting to our centre and feeling more mobility.

Advanced Classical Mat (Mat Class) Made up of 35 advanced exercises performed in sequence, the Classical Matwork is considered to be the very essence of the Pilates Method. Preserving the integrity of Joseph Pilates’ original work, it maintains the highly athletic and dynamic style of flowing movements. There will be a brief warm up, and a run-through of the full routine (with video support). In order to maintain the characteristic flow of the original sequence, instructions will be kept to a minimum. To participate, you need to have some familiarity with the sequence and be free of injuries. Advanced Level Class.

Pilates for Runners class Use Pilates to Improve your mobility to move more efficiently. Improve your core strength to be able to maintain correct technique and resilience and prevent injuries. Control your breathing with greater ease and promote faster recovery. All these elements combined can add up to an improved performance. Let the ‘good times’ begin!

Foam Roller class Release your tight shoulders, open stiff hips and move your spine. This mixed ability class is designed to help with all the effects of lockdown, will feel re-energized and massaged, calm and lengthened out. All you need is a mat and a 90cm Foam Roller & light hand weights but only if you have them.

Student Classes This live-stream class is only open to students on the Body Control Matwork Teacher Training course. We will focus solely on the exercises that you have learnt in your Matwork training. These classes offer an excellent environment in which to develop your technique and advance your understanding. You can be at any stage of your training to join these classes.

You can view our teacher profiles

All classes are run via Zoom which can be downloaded for free

We can also take one off bookings by emailing

We ask all clients to fill in an enrolment form, please contact us to request one.

Make Up Policy
We can’t guarantee make up classes but if you give us at least 48hrs notice that you can’t make a class, we will do our best to help you make up a class within the same block.Sorry but credits and refunds for missed classes can’t be given once the block has started.