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Matwork conversion course for qualified pilates teachers

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Body Control Pilates Central

Thinking of subscribing to Body Control Pilates Central?
Here’s our guide to the best content for your home workout

As more and more of us choose to, or are instructed to, stay home, we know you will want to keep up with your Pilates. Why not subscribe to Body Control Pilates Central - your Pilates Home Partner for the web, Apple, Android and (very shortly) Apple TV.

There is a great mix of content that is perfect for you and your fellow Pilates enthusiasts, at a time when the importance of exercise, efficient breathing and relaxation techniques to maintaining a healthy immune system and positive outlook cannot be undervalued.

This quick guide will help you navigate the channel and find the classes and workouts which are most suitable for you as someone who already enjoys their Pilates classes or 1:1 sessions. We now have over 250 videos, so there is absolutely something for everyone!

Unless you are a Pilates or movement teacher/specialist, we would recommend avoiding the ‘Masterclasses’ and ‘Tutorials/Workshops’ on the channel and instead focus on the following:

Lynne Robinson’s DVDs:
All of Lynne’s internationally best-selling DVDs are well worth a look with workouts for all levels – and why not have a nostalgic look at her first DVD (Body Control Pilates The Pilates Way) which kickstarted the Pilates boom back in 1998!

The Essentials Collection:
The 'Essentials Collection' workouts take it back to the beginning and showcase Body Control Pilates matwork in its purest form. These exercises are the foundation upon which our unique approach is built and are the perfect starting place for anyone new to our method... Don’t be fooled though, there are challenging exercises within! Workouts range from 20 to 45 minutes and do not use any equipment, apart from the occasional use of resistance bands.

Shorter Workouts (up to 20 minutes): Our short, balanced workouts are perfect to do daily. You will find classes from Body Control Pilates Studio favourites such as Annie Turner, Jo Hatherley, Kate Hodder, Kathy King, Lynn Edmonstone, Lynne Robinson, Matt Marney, Nathan Gardner, Paul Howse, Rachel Bish, Sarah Clennell and Sarah-Louise Warden.

Longer Workouts (20 minutes plus): Our longer workouts are ideal to do once or twice a week. They are flowing classes, full of new challenges and creative ideas! Again, you will find classes from all the Body Control Pilates Studio favourites which cover a wide range of levels.

Within our Short and Long Workouts, you can choose to focus on your Upper or Lower Body, your Bone Health, Healthy Backs, working in Standing, Pregnancy Pilates, Pilates for Relaxation and much, much more…or just get a good balanced class! There are even a couple of classes for children to help keep them entertained whilst schools are closed! You can use the dropdown boxes under ‘Video Type’ or ‘Video Theme’ to choose the type of class you wish to focus on or just click ‘Search’ and enter a keyword.

And don’t forget our Apple and Android Apps!
When using the Apps, you can download videos to your smartphone or tablet so that you can watch them offline (if you are allowed to leave the house!) You can also add your favourite videos to your 'watchlist' so they are always easily accessible. The Apps are free to download to anyone who is already subscribed to Body Control Pilates Central via the website! Just go to the App Store or Google Play, download the App, enter your log-in details, and you're off!

New content is being added every month. We hope you enjoy using Body Control Pilates Central and would love to hear your feedback as you try the classes!

Yours in health,
The Body Control Pilates Team